Tartumaa, Estonia by Ermo Justus

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Usually, at this time when I took this photo we have snow and cold outside, everybody is starting to prepare Christmas food and packing gifts for under Christmas tree but we had colourfull sunset without snow. We had +4 degrees not a single snowflake. But in December we had only a couple of days without rain, most of the days were grey and rainy and no mood to go out for taking photos. If we had more days with that kind of weather on the photos I think most of the Estonian people would like to skip winter and start spring after autumn. Now we have January and still no snow, personally I like snow and I'm waiting for the snow to take some winter wonderland photos. This morning was not that bright and did not see that this kind of sunset will be. But eventually, if you know the spots where to take photos just grab the bull by the horns and bring that great light on the photo and make it memorable. Just bring the camera with you all the time you never know when the light strikes and you could get a good photo.

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