Chip Carroon • Saving Balkan Rivers

The declining state of the world’s rivers is a sad reflection of our disrupted ecosystems. Chip Carroon took a trip to the Balkan region to capture their scenic beauty and promote their safety

A recent article in the Nature journal reported that almost two-thirds of the world’s longest rivers do not flow freely owing to the extensive use of dams and diversions. Free-flowing rivers provide food, produce nutrients for agriculture and promote the health and diversity of plants and animals. Most rivers or streams around the world have been affected to some extent. These disruptions threaten ecosystems upon which we all depend. Many governments ignore the threat of dams on endangered species as well as the effects on biodiversity in general. The bottom line is that it would be good to define the risks posed by infrastructure projects so they can be cancelled and alternatives pursued if the costs outweigh the benefits.

A greater than average number of European rivers have been dammed or disrupted. The European Environmental Agency says that 60 percent of rivers in the European Union do not have a good ecological status owing to significant pollution. Rivers outside of the EU are typically ...

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Chip Carroon

Chip Carroon worked in the San Francisco Bay area for many years as he specialized in location photography for annual reports, advertising, and photojournalism. In later years, he has returned to the interests of his youth as he continues perfecting his techniques in landscape photography.

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