Chale, Isle of Wight, UK by Fabio Piccioni

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Picture Story

In September 2017 me and my girlfriend went to the Isle of Wight where my aunt Tore lives. We spend the days across the isle in order to find great places to photograph. There are very famous places for landscape photographers such as The Needles, in the south-west coast or the big sand river on Whale Chine. However, i wanted to photograph something less touristic and less crowded. One morning i was searching for lighthouses on the net 'till i found a picture of this strange ancient tower, similar to a space rocket. I found it on Google Earth and drive near there and then we take a little trek in order to reach it.

While I was driving my girlfriend was searching for informations about this strange building and she found that this 35 ft high octagonal tower is the shell of an ancient lighthouse built in 1314 from the land owner Walter de Godeton as a penance for stealing wine from a merchant ship that ran aground on the treacherous rocks of Atherfield Ledge. Inside it is a square-sided shaft; at the top are eight rectangular openings so the light from the fire could be seen at sea.

St Catherine's Oratory, affectionately known as the Pepperpot, stands on one of the highest parts of the Island and is the only medieval lighthouse surviving in England.

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