Castel Giuliano, Rome, Italy by Maurizio Migliozzi

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Picture Story

Castel Giuliano is a Etruscan small village located roughly 50 km north of Rome. Nowadays the village, on the top of one of the many hills of the area, has little to offer but is the starting point of one of the most beautiful as well as underestimated routes in the local wilderness. It is 10 km long and touches 6 waterfalls the highest of which is the Castel Giuliano fall. We went there in a beautiful sunny day at the beginning of February together with some other photographers belonging to one of the many photo clubs in Rome.

We arrived there at midday. So light was in its harshest point, not fancy at all. But, being the fall so high some sun rays lighted directly the base of the fall creating an almost unreal persistent rainbow on it. The most challenging thing was composition since there wasn't much foreground and mid ground interest, nor dramatic light conditions and the ravine was quite narrow as well. So I opted to give light, color and water the stage, and the result is depicted in this small picture. Hope this will be of some interest. That said, the area is surely worth a visit. Is a very easy route in the forest and do not pose any difficulty to anybody.

Waterfalls are quite easy to reach as well as is easy to set up for taking picture, since each one of them end in a flat spot offering several opportunities for composition and creativity. I recommend every season but summer, since it surely would be packed with people seeking for some rest and for a swim. Fall would be interesting for its colors as well as spring. Winter has the advantage of the usually soft light and loneliness of the place.

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