Casoni di Marcesina, Enego, Veneto, Italy by Adriana Benetti Longhini

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Picture Story

Many years ago when I first returned to Italy, to the Altopiano of Asiago (High Plateau of Asiago) in the province of Veneto in northern Italy, I was taken by a friend to this spectacular area on the eastern part of the plateau. One has to climb up narrow mountains roads to reach this plain which is really a large open meadow surrounded by moderate mountain ranges and hills.
The first view of the Plains of Marcesina, and these ancient log cabins are immediately visible around the last corner of the route, and it was during this first visit that I fell in love with the area.

In summer it is home for about 100 days to dairy and cheese farmers who bring up their cattle to graze on the rich pastures and produce the now world famous Asiago cheese. These farmers (in Italian: malgari) have become my friends and are very used to seeing me roaming around with my tripod in hand during the early hours of dawn to photograph the ever present mist, which is one of my favourite atmospheric conditions.

These log cabins are reminders of the old tradition of logging and housed the lumberjacks and their families many years ago. Today descendants of these families use these cabins as summer holiday accommodation.

In October of 2018, Cyclone Vaia hit this area and torn down hundreds of acres of pine forests, miraculously sparing the logs cabins. In the photo, one can see through the mist, the evidence of this ferocious storm that hit north eastern Italy.

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