Capo Caccia, Sardinia, Italy by Fabio Piccioni

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It was a cloudy day and me and my friend Andrea decided to stay at Capo Caccia for its well known magic sunsets. The cliff face exactly to the west so you can follow the sun falling down into the horizon. We are used to move around Capo Caccia's cliffs because of our passion for climbing and speleology. We decided not to share the sunset with the crowd that everyday stops in the mainstream spot, 5 feet from the car. Instead, we decided to climb down to Casarotto, a climbing sector that is a little tricky to reach because of a pretty vertical passage on very slippery rocks. Once we get down we start moving far, as far as we can. When arriving to the end of this area we found those magnificent arches just above our heads. Yeah, that was our place for the sunset. The wind was strong so i was able to capture movement from the clouds.

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