Camporovere Steeple, Asiago, Italy by Adriana Benetti Longhini

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Picture Story

This photo was taken during a late afternoon when I witnessed a rare thermal inversion taking place over the basin of Asiago in northern Italy. Over this particular area of the Altopiano, we don't have this phenomenon occuring often. As I could see what was happening from my home I decided to go out to this location which I know very well.

This view of the church steeple has been photographed many times by local photographers so having said this I wanted something a bit out of the ordinary.

The name of the village of Camporovere which dates back to 1424 (and means fields of oak trees), indicated the many oaks that covered this particular area of ​​the Altopiano of Asiago in the pre-Alp region in northern Italy.

The church is dedicated to John the Baptist was built in 1625, but destroyed during the First World War, as with most of this area in northern Italy.

While waiting for the right amount of light that I hoped would filter through the heavy mist I thought about the composition that would be suited best for the photo that I had in mind. Most photographs of this steeple are taken in landscape format, which usually shows the surrounding landscape, with rural countryside views and also unfortunately quite a few mountain holiday properties that remain empty most of the year.

As the sun began to colour the dense mist and the lights in the bell tower were turned on, I decided that a vertical format would suit the composition best. The temperatures were very cold and uncomfortable, which basically results in this particular thermal inversion. Glad to get home and warm again, I felt that the result that I was hoping to achieve including a soft approach to post-production was needed to get the final image.

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