Buckland-on-the-Moor, Dartmoor, Devon, England by Chris Marshall

After spending a few hours in the late afternoon walking on Dartmoor I headed home in the car. Whilst driving I noticed thick mist in the distance so ignoring the sat nav I decided to go in search. The lanes were narrow with high Devonshire hedges obscuring any views. I began to think it was more likely to be smoke from farmers fire.

My lifestyle suits sunset shoots so I normally miss the opportunities to photograph the beautiful misty mornings. I had reached Buckland-on-the-Moor overlooking the valley towards Holne. A few hundred metres away an otherworldly evening mist moved slowly though the trees. After a sunny day the conditions were ideal with the air so still, cold and no wind. The moisture had condensed with the drop in temperature forming a mist. I pulled over in a lay-by, set up in quickly swapping my 16-35mm to 24-70mm lens to my Canon 5D mk2. This was definitely one of those unexpected moments!

The camera was set over my head on a tripod to clear the hedge so I used the live view screen to frame the shot and focus.
The beautiful dramatic pastel coloured sky seemed to look its best as I took a few photographs.

The unusual blanket of evening mist laying above the river Dart looked absolutely stunning. Other drivers were stopping to enjoy the view.

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