Bruarfoss, Iceland by Kyle Jones

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Picture Story

Iceland is a mountainous island capped by glaciers. As a result, there are many beautiful and unique waterfalls all around the island. When I made my visit a few years ago, Bruarfoss was high on my list to photograph. It has a unique shape, with a v-shaped cleft in the middle of the river that creates dozens of falls throughout the scene. The river also has a bright blue color that is emphasized by the dark rocks along the shore.

The waterfall is reached by hiking about two miles along the river from the highway. I arrived before dawn so I could be assured of getting some even light for the waterfall and I planned to stay for sunrise in case it was interesting. The trail is muddy but relatively flat. After passing some other interesting falls, Bruarfoss came into view. There is a bridge across the fall that provides a good vantage point for photography, but it does move when people walk so it helps to be polite and make sure you don't move when someone else is shooting. I spent some time exploring compositions from the bridge as well as from the shoreline, but this image from the bridge was my favorite. I focused on some of the details in the scene, including the cleft in the river and the many small falls. I liked having a nice blue section of the river framed by the scene as well. I chose a shutter speed that kept detail in the main flow of water to help create a feeling of motion. I sued a polarizer to help control glare and really bring out the color.

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