Brivio, Lombardy, Italy by Diego Bertini

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Picture Story

As the sun was darting his earlier, golden rays, the river and the wetland beyond the poplars were breathing fickle veils of mist. One of the fascinating aspects of the extremes of the day, sunrise and sunset, is that they feature crucial events - precise instants when something crucial occurs, without a smooth transition. As I was strolling downstream the river, attracted by the glowing mist beyond the bend (on the right of the view), one of those crucial events happened. The sun started peering between the poplars, and suddenly all around that fiery point a crown arose of golden rays fluttering at the slow rhythm of the glowing mist. The eye of the world was gazing at me.

For a breathless moment I stood still, awed with that glorious sight. Then I roused and set up my tripod to take some exposure bracketings. But as I tried hard to capture the atmosphere of the moment, I came to realize that a single shot was not enough to do justice to such a beauty - so I took a series of 7 vertical bracketings [-2.0/0/+2.0 EV] to (hopefully) compose a panorama. Not an easy task, but this is the result of the manual blending by luminosity masks of the 3 bracketed panos.

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