Bristol Harbour, England by John Brooks

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Picture Story

Having newly acquired a pre-owned Canon EOS40D which was a first as a DGSR camera, I wished to see the results in action. I chose to explore the Bristol harbour area and upper reaches of the river Avon. It was a wonderful sunny day on the 2nd January, cold but warmth of the sun rays made it quite comfortable.

The part of the harbour I found is tidal and the water was about half way in / out leaving areas of the bank exposed as dark mud. The water itself was calm and mirrorlike giving arise to some wonderful reflections of the bankside buildings and structures.

The section in this photograph is where a concrete bridge passes over the river and sits upon a large concrete pier situated at the edge of the water and base of the bank. The stunning image created by this reflection of an inverted "T" shape lends great depth and geometry to the subject with an abstract result which I was very satisfied with as my work is often abstract or semi-abstract and favours architectural forms.

The whole are of the Bristol docks and harbourside and the river Avon is very popular with artists and photographers with a splendid selection of both old and new structures adjacent to the waterways affording some interesting compositions throughout the year.

Personally I prefer winter as the light has a special quality for me.

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