Bowling Ball Beach, California, USA by Patrick Caussade

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Picture Story

We are in May 2015. Coming from France, we have landed in San Francisco. After some days visiting the town, photographing the Golden Gate Bridge day and night, then the Napa Valley, we go to north of California in the redwoods land. On the road, Bowling Ball Beach is a very special place where stones like balls appear as the sea goes down. To go on the beach, there is no road or path. You have to find an old rope used by weather, time and salt to go down on the beach which is framed by high cliffs.

Well arrived on the beach as sunset is approaching, I see that I am alone, a very good thing to take pictures. I know the best time is when the sea is nearly low and that is sunset. I have calculated my trip to be there one of the 2 days a month where these conditions are ok. Walking along the beach, I take pictures, trying speeds, apertures, filters. Now, the balls / stones appear; it's beautiful to see. I take pictures and pictures. My Little Stopper of Lee help me to smooth the ocean. But when the sun disappear, cold is rapidly coming as the sea which is also very cold... When I leave the beach, happy with my pictures, I use the rope to go out but I am really frozen. I come back at the motel and there, even with a warm bath, I will take some hours to stop shiver. There are only 2 beaches in the world where you can see these balls on the edge of the sea: here in North California and in New- Zealand.

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