Boulder, Colorado, USA by Theo Wecker

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Picture Story

I was driving to Boulder, Colorado for a work meeting during the fall and an enormous snow storm popped up over the middle of the Rockies. I decided to take a smaller road off of the interstate through Boulder canyon. The snow was coming down in sheets and my tires were barely keeping from sliding at every turn. As I descended through the storm into the canyon, the weather started to clear and I decided to take a break from driving for a second to calm my nerves. As I got out of the car, I noticed the snow lifting from the top of the canyon and quickly fetched my camera, trying not to slip on the ice and snow on the ground.

I used a short telephoto focal length to separate this peaceful scene from distractions like the road, houses, and snow on the ground. The gentle light shining through the clouds over the hill really helps lead the viewer's eye through the scene. All the gear I had with me was a more than a decade old Nikon D40 with its extremely cheap kit lens. However, I have never believed that gear makes interesting photos. The limitations of your kit can help you be more creative and lead to more interesting photos. Boulder canyon is beautiful in all seasons and a quick drive from the front range of Colorado. There are many opportunities to shoot in this area with a variety of quickly changing weather conditions. Bring a jacket!

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