Boomer, North Carolina, USA by Kelly Warlick

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Picture Story

This photo was taken in the foothills of the North Carolina mountains. This particular photo was taken in the fall but this location is beautiful year round. Luckily for me this is located on private property so I cannot disclose this specific location. This day I was really lacking inspiration. This property is basically my family's second home so I have photographed this area hundreds of times.

I was really struggling finding something new and exciting. I thought I had photographed every angle of every creek and tree. This creek caught my eye because of the rocks. I noticed they had the algae growing on them and the way they formed the shape of the creek and I knew I had found a special composition. The light was difficult because by the time I found the location I wanted to photograph it was mid day and the light was really harsh on the water. With the use of a polarizer and my trusty tripod I was able to get this nice angle where the glare wasn't too harsh and I was very pleased with the outcome. This photo just proves that something you see thousands of times can always inspire you. You may just need to slow down and look at the details that you would normally miss.

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