Benalla, Victoria, Australia by Rene Martens

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Picture Story

My working day usually begins with my drive from home to work. During Autumn or Winter, we usually get a few foggy mornings and as such I do like to stop when I see the sun trying to burn through the fog and a tree that will show off some rays shooting out of the branches. I do look for places that would make for a reasonable photo depending on the light that is either on the landscape or through the landscapes.

Most mornings I don't see much but when there is a fog about, I do look for those places that I know will show off the light in different ways. Some will show the sun itself being a red ball or like this photo - the rays streaming through the tree branches. I also love the colour that this type of light shows off as well - just a warm feeling rather than the actual cold temp that it is. Fog is difficult to capture the true ‘feeling’ because it makes most things ‘soft rather then sharp and crisp so focusing does present some difficulty for the camera to try and focus.

This is just outside of my home town of Benalla and is open space with a few tress around. There are other places along the road but this is a lovely spot that I see every day. To get this photo I also have to walk through high grass that exists along the road side so I get wet pants, shoes and socks but I do like what I see – don’t you agree?

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