Bela-Dulice, Turiec, Slovakia by Milan Gonda

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Picture Story

This area of Turiec region in northern Slovakia is sometimes referred to as Tuscany of Turiec. It is a rural landscape with rolling hills, villages, winding roads, tree alleys and patches of woodland. Personally, I enjoy photographing small details of this landscape. It is a perfect subject for abstract photography with a lot of bold lines, geometric shapes and contrasting colours. I also love the place because the colours change not only as the seasons progress but they also change from year to year because the crops are never the same in these fields. However the real fun starts when the fog rolls in.

It is never easy to get a good composition because the fog rolls in and out completely unpredictably and getting a great image is often a matter of sheer luck. This shot is no exception. When I spotted the fog rolling in, I quickly set up my camera, framed my composition and shot several images as the scene was changing right in front of me. It didn’t take long and the fog covered not only the trees and fields in the foreground of the image but also me. Out of all the shots I took, only one had the right amount of fog covering the background while revealing the trees. I also like a different image of the same scene in which the background is more visible but I prefer this shot because it has more separation of the main subject, the colours are more simple and most importantly, it has more mystery compared to all the other images I took.

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