Bela-Dulice, Turiec, Slovakia by Milan Gonda

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Picture Story

Landscape photographers talk a lot about good light and bad light and rightly so. Light is absolutely fundamental to all photography. It can make or break an image. It can transform compositions and it creates mood. But is there really anything like “good” light and “bad” light? Alfred Wainwright wrote: “There's no such thing as bad weather, only unsuitable clothing.” It is fair to say that something similar could be claimed about light. The more I photograph, the more I believe that there is no such thing as bad light, only unsuitable composition. Hard to say, but this is probably what people mean every time they talk about bad light - that it does not support the composition they have in mind.

I hope that the image I chose to shere could demonstrate my point. This type of light would normally be considered “bad”. It is very dull, so much so that the image appears to be black and white and almost two dimensional. Some depth is suggested only by hazy background. However, these are the qualities that I appreciate about the image. Overall, it feels almost like a pencil drawing and not a photograph. To me, the image works, so the light is “good”. It works with my composition and it creates an interesting mood.

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