Beachy Head Lighthouse Sunrise, England by Matthew Holland

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Picture Story

Starting at 3:30am to begin the drive down to the coast. I had a 2-hour drive ahead of myself and as I left the weather wasn’t as it first forecasted to be. With heavy rain and low cloud, I felt very underwhelmed and worried as to whether this long drive would be worthwhile. I pressed on nevertheless and the closer I approached the English coast, the conditions greatly improved.

Eager to get out and find the lighthouse which I had never previously visited, I jumped out the car with rucksack and tripod at the ready and charged up the mound, unsure where the cliff edge actually was. With fog and twilight still about I had to be wary.

As I approached the cliff edge you could see the brightly coloured red and white lighthouse standing out, still shining out across the English Channel.

At first, the conditions were difficult. With sea mist in the distance and twilight. The lighthouse shining out against the emptiness of the sea. This made for a very boring and empty image. Thick black with a shining pillar in the lower thirds.

I had to wait and be patient for the sun to rise and bring the longed conditions I had been waiting for and the patience and long drive in the early hours paid off. The sea mist in the distance shrouded the horizon, giving a surreal effect and with the soft winter sun giving a pale orange and pink hue to everything it touched.

Using a long shutter time with the Olympus in high res mode to smooth out the water.

The Beachy Head lighthouse standing out the white cliffs with a soft pastel tones of the sun and chalky water.

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