Bandon, Oregon, USA by Atanu Bandyopadhyay

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Picture Story

Bandon, OR always sparked my fascination for it's beautiful sea stacks, marvelous sunset, and a nice rustic vibe. I was in lookout of an opportunity which would provide me an excuse to go out and shoot. About 4 hrs away from my home, it is not exactly very near neither too far from my place. Regardless, I made a time on a weekend when the forecast was just about right to take a nice shot down there. When I reached there, I realized it is going to be a clear sunset without any clouds. Feeling slightly demotivated, I started scourging for composition. The crashing waves, receding waters, a Long snake like seaweed AND a V shaped rock - there was just too many elements on the scene. I focused myself and started to think slowly about a composition. After thinking for a while, I started taking pictures of those nice sand pattern as a foreground element and the sea stack in background. Although, I got quite a few decent shots with sand patterns, rocks and of course the howling dog sea stack - this sand pattern shot stuck in my mind. Later I realized, this was the firs ever shot I took that day. Need to take some time out and process my other frames from that day too. Another thing which amazed me about this shot was - that bird on the apostle. If one looks closely, a small bird can be found sitting on top of that rock!

I am planning to visit again soon in winter when there is more chance to get dramatic light and hoping to get some decent shots.

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