Autumn Shower, Dartmoor, Devon, England by Chris Marshall

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Picture Story

There are so many photographic opportunities on Dartmoor throughout the year but I do prefer autumn.

Like most regions Devon has some great locations that suit a particular season so when the red, brown and yellow tones start to appear on leaves it’s time to plan photography shoots.

Scouting the forests and woodlands are obvious choices whether a wide angle view or zooming through the fog at a detailed composition. Trekking over moorland to a high point to view a valley of trees or a distant shot of a granite outcrop is typical for Dartmoor. The views are absolutely spectacular.

On this particular sunny morning I chose Holne Bridge area when the leaves were most colourful at the beginning of November.

Many photographers go there although it’s difficult to park nearby and doesn’t get much natural daylight, maybe at midday when the sun is directly overhead. I climbed over the wall from the road and explored the banks of the river Dart. Three other photographers were already set up facing upstream at the medieval bridge hopefully waiting for light but it was blocked by the trees. I ignored the classic shot knowing it will be in shade for some time. There were patches of light in the opposite direction so I concentrated on looking for attractive and interesting compositions.

The autumn colours were spectacular and felt privileged to see it in all its glory.

A freak gust of wind blew the canopy of leaves showering me with the early morning dew. The curtain of water drops looked amazing so I turned towards the backlight leaves and swiftly set up my camera in case it happened again. I had chosen a wide angle lens and manually focused slight in front of the leaves. This was the result at 0.5 seconds exposure.

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