Aurora, Iceland by Michael Fung

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Picture Story

This was my first trip to Iceland. To take pictures of aurora was one of my targets to travel to this location in the wintertime. As we may know the weather of Iceland is changing very often that you are difficult to predict what will happen in next moment. The weather on the date are bad, snowing all day and windy. We were set out after dinner and tried to look for luck. Our photo tour guide told us he will stop the van wherever the aurora appears.

The sky became clear and snow was stop but still windy at night. We were lucky to see aurora at the far end after an hour drive. I got off the car and try to look for a good background. We might be stopped on a frozen lake that not much feature could be found. I decided to set up the tripod behind a small pool of water and made use of the hill at the far end as the background. I hoped if the aurora was strong enough, it might be reflected on the water.

I reminded myself the tripod must be firmly fixed on the snow because I would use long exposure to capture the movement of the lights. I also needed to check the focus regularly in the dark environment. I am happy with the picture with radiation lines and different colours of lights. The green colour appeared on the water and the starry night were the extra bonus too.

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