Arabia Mountain, Atlanta, GA, USA by Ying Zhou

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Picture Story

Arabia mountain is not a real mountain, it's more like a piece of lonely stone standing on the edge of Atlanta. Since it's just a piece of stone, so there's no soil or plantation on this so called mountain. However, every year during the spring time, all kind of moss will take over this piece of big stone and paint some color on it.

Among all kinds of moss my favorite is this green one called Tortula muralis, or more commonly known as wall screw-moss. Due to the fact that its hard for the stone mountain to preserve water, the moss usually stay dry and grey during the sunny days. However, when it rains, the moss will turns green and bloom. When it blooms, I feel the moss looks like green flamingos standing on the water elegantly.

Well, the moss is beautiful, however as a photographer, photographing these tiny plants is not easy. First of all after raining, Arabia mountain will be extremely slippery. I cannot tell you how many times I have slipped while hiking. Secondly, the eco system on the mountain is very fragile so I have to be very careful while hiking to avoid stepping on the moss.

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