Appennino Emiliano, Parma, Italy by Roberto Roberti

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Picture Story

This is the source of the Parma river that originates in the mountains that divide Emilia Romagna from Tuscany. This photo represents a little the madness of landscape photographers, in fact I climbed on slippery rocks because they were wet by the snow that was melting due to the beginning of spring. The temptation, however, to take this photo where the whiteness of the snow contrasted with the dark color of the rocks was too strong and I could not resist. I used a 10 stop hoya nd filter and of course the tripod and the remote release.

The shot was taken in the middle of the afternoon, on a day towards the end of winter, when the snow remains only in the highest parts of the mountains. The Apennine park is less spectacular than the Dolomite peaks, however it is much more wild and unspoiled, because it is not an area of ​​national and international tourism destination. In this park it is very evident the change of seasons both as regards the colors and the temperature that goes from over 30 degrees in summer to -15 in the coldest winters. My favorite seasons are autumn and the end of winter, however summer blooms are also very beautiful, summer instead seems a little flat to me even if it can be ideal for the use of techniques such as infrared photography or constellation photography.

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