Anthony Lamb • Desert Portraits

Each subject of a photograph can be complex, but according to Anthony Lamb, there is simplicity that can be found if your aim is to draw the eye of the viewer towards the story you are trying to tell

I have always been more interested in photographing minimal compositions and less recognisable locations as I feel this adds more intrigue to the photograph and can offer a more personal interpretation to the viewer. This minimal style helps reflect the calm sense of mood that I try to portray in each image and, by singling out objects, I try to draw the eye towards the important details that tell the photographer’s story. For me, less is more. Using negative space in my photography is an obsession of mine, but I still loosely use methods such as rule of thirds, leading lines, balance and so on. I try to reduce the complexities of a subject in order to convey the message of simplicity and serenity.

Recently I embarked on a series of photographs named ‘Desert Portraits’, which is a collection of images taken only 30-40 minutes inland from the city of Dubai. I have been photographing in the Arabian Desert for over 5 years and during this time many of the subjects I have visited have changed. Many of the trees and shrubs that ...

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