Antelope Canyon, Utah, USA by Fereshte Faustini

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This photo was taken in Antelope Canyon when I was touring Colorado, Utah and Arizona. These three Western States contain some of the world’s best landscapes. Antelope Canyon is located in the Navajo Nation and the only way to visit them is on a paid guided tour which limits the time that you can spend inside the canyon. This is one of my favorite places for abstract photography however taking photos is challenging for several reasons. These canyons are narrow, dark and often with large crowds of people. This means that time for finding a good subject and framing a good scene is limited.

I took this photo by pointing my camera upward where a shaft of light was entering the canyon via the narrow slots. Because of low light on most of the curved water carved sand rocks I raised the ISO to 250 and the aperture to f/11. Since the outdoor light was entering from a small area, I needed to take at least three shots at different exposures to underexpose the area where the outdoor light was entering the canyon and to overexpose the canyon walls lower down. I used the three shots to get correct exposure in all areas of the scene. My advice to all is to plan your trip in the off season to avoid the crowds and you will have a better photography experience. For those who visit the canyon for the first time and are wondering what one lens is best to take I would suggest a wide angle lens no more than 24mm.

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