Antelope Canyon, Arizona, USA by Fereshte Faustini

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Picture Story

Antelope Canyon is one of the most interesting places for abstract photography. However to find a good subject and frame it well is not quite so easy particularly because you are with hundreds of other people in a small area, time is limited to take a shot and you cannot browse the canyon on your own and search for the subject. In such a place you need to use your vision as if you are looking through the view finder of your camera. This photo is interesting because the light and the lines all converge into a familiar shape, the heart.

Since the location was very dark and I did not want to reduce the quality of the image by setting the camera to high ISO I decided to risk the possibility of accidental movements by the traffic around me while I took the shots and I allowed the camera to take the time for a long-exposure capture. So, I set my camera to ISO 100 and took this photo in aperture priority mode. I did not expect the camera would take 15 seconds to take the shot but fortunately I managed to avoid accidental causes that would damage the shot. Because of the extreme intensity of light and darkness I had to take more than one shot of the same frame at different exposures. The second image was underexposed by two stops and a third picture was overexposed by two stops. The three images then were processed in HDR processing tools in Photoshop and the result was this abstract image.

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