Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada by Dave Noordhoff

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Picture Story

Autumn is a magic time in the hardwood forests of Ontario. In my experience it matches or exceeds the famous fall colours of New England. The problem is choosing the right time to visit (the prime areas are seven or eight hours away by road).

I have visited Algonquin Provincial Park during "fall colour time" several times. In 2018 our photo buddy group got it exactly right; the leaves "turned" during the time we were camped, reaching a peak the last couple of days. We were blessed with superb weather; clear, warm days to tour the park and get our images, cool nights (right at the freezing point) to bring on the colour change, and almost no wind to knock down the leaves.

One morning my buddies and I were travelling down a dirt side road off the main highway, searching for fall colour compositions and any moose that would be passing. One of the buddies, Mike, recommended I do something out of the ordinary for me, some deliberate multiple exposures; he laughed as he said I was usually too "stiff" to try this kind of image. He was doing just that with his Nikon gear ... surely, he said, my Canon equipment could do the same? I decided to give it a try. My technique was simple, After I determined focus and exposure I took ten images while sweeping my camera up vertically as smoothly as I could manage. The camera did the job of merging the images into what became an abstract mix.

To my surprise this image looks like summer, with only a few hints of autumn colour showing through ... certainly not what I expected to bring home! But, it was one of the best images I got that year.

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