Algajola, Corsica, France by Jeppe Jensen

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Picture Story

Summer holliday with the family in 2019. We have rented a little apartment in the little town of Algajola, on the northern coast of the island Corsica. As usual I have the camera and tripod with me, and this time I was lucky. Usually you have to hike for miles to get to a perfect location, sleep in a tent, and eat freeze-dried food. Not this time. A beautiful sunset was on its way. It took only two minutes to walk down to the beach, find a decent composition, actually this one was number two, and then just wait for the perfect wave. After 45 minutes the sky was getting darker, and I knew that among the 56 exposures there was at least one keeper. Corsica is perfect for photography, not crowded as the rest of France, fantastic coastline, and beautiful mountains in the middle of the island

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