Aldeyjarfoss, Iceland by Michael Nalsky

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Picture Story

Iceland in winter was long on my wish list. Beauty of Iceland elevates to something magical when snow, water and low hanging sun come together. I read a lot of scary stories about Icelandic roads in winter, so I opted for organized photo tour with specially modified off-road vehicles. It showed its full advantage when we were heading to Aldeyjarfoss. Our experienced guide lowered the air pressure in the huge tires and hit the road. It was "kind of" road initially but when we approached our target it turned to a pristine snow field. We left several SUVs behind stuck in deep snow and eventually got to our location.

No amount of pictures on the web can prepare you for the scene we faced, when a mighty stream of unbelievable aquamarine color jumps from the cliff supported by basalt columns and disappears under the thick blanket of snow to reemerge some 50 meters below. Recovering from initial shock and awe we started to look for appropriate composition. Panoramic shot was an obvious choice for me to convey the grand scale of the place. I took 8 pictures in vertical format and stopped the aperture down to f16 for depth of field to include some foreground elements. Sure, there were endless composition opportunities to try but the sun was about to set and we were limited in time (the biggest drawback of any organized tour). Anyway, it was an unforgettable once in a lifetime experience.

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