Alain Briot • Photo Police Rules III

In another instalment of Alain Briot’s writings on what freedoms photographers should feel, as opposed to constraints, he discusses his own creative process and how this leads to satisfying work

My two previous essays were reflections on the subject of not following arbitrary rules. The first essay focused on what these rules are and the second essay focused on why I do not teach these rules. This reflection would not be complete if it did not address how I create art myself.

If I don’t follow arbitrary rules, what do I do then? Whose guidance do I follow? The answer is simple: I follow my own guidance. I do what I like because my art is what I want it to be. In other words, I decide what art I want to create.

The reasons why I do this are two fold. First, I believe that I cannot create art if I follow rules set by other people. Second, I believe that I need to create work that is personal, unique and different. Following these two beliefs is how I create work that has real artistic value.

These beliefs have important implications. Not creating art that follows rules established by other people means ...

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Alain Briot creates fine art photographs, teaches workshops and offers DVD tutorials. Alain’s three books are available as printed books on and as eBooks on his website.

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