Alain Briot • Dreams: Creating Artistic Photographs

The iconic American artist Georgia O’Keeffe is a constant inspiration for photographers. Alain Briot visited her museum, seeing the beauty in her versions of flowers, and taking lessons from her on life and nature

During our fall 2019 Northern New Mexico photo workshop we visited the Georgia O’Keeffe museum in Santa Fe. We spent hours admiring Georgia’s art, marveling at her interpretation of the landscape and of all that is found within it. Bones, flowers, mesas, clouds… all transformed under her brush into the imaginary works of an artist for whom nature was a point of departure for dreams. Dreams of what else the landscape evoked in her mind. We each picked a favorite. For some it was a mesa painted with vivid red and yellow ochre, for others it was a bone rendered as a sculpture, or a horn made to look like the root of a tree – each organic in their resemblance to what else they could be. For others, it was a painting of a cloud, reminiscent of a blanket, soft and ethereal, somehow able to transcend space and time. For me, it was a landscape, a place I recognized not because I had been there but because it made me remember places I had been to, other places, different yet similar. I liked it not because it was realistic but because ...

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