Alabama Arch, California, USA by Roy Goldsberry

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Picture Story

In June of 2017 my wife and I took a trip to central California to take in Yosemite and a couple other national parks, plus some spots along the eastern side of the Sierra mountains. One of the targets was Mobius Arch, in the Alabama Hills near the small town of Lone Pine. We got some good shots of the arch and a few other things in the area, but we did not have time to explore extensively. Also during that trip, we had to change several days worth of plans because the winter snow had a lot of roads still closed.

When we got home, we were so dissapointed about the things we didn't get do that we planned to go back again in October of the following year, so that snowy roads would not be an issue. In planning for the return trip, I discovered a small guide book that gave locations for lots of other arches in the Alabama Hills, so we gave that area some more time on the return visit.

One of the easier ones to find is Alabama Arch. You can even see it from the dirt road that runs through the hills if you know where to look. We parked just off the road, and I started walking the 500 feet or so to the arch. As I crossed the heavy grain sand, I saw a nice little cactus. If I was headed from a different spot on the road, I might have missed it. This little guy just seemed like a nice foreground element so I stopped there and composed the shot you see here. The sky was a bonus.

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