Agumbe, Karnataka, India by Himadri Bhuyan

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Picture Story

This image was captured in the monsoon of 2019, deep within the rainforest of Agumbe, which is located in Karnataka, a state in the southern part of India. On certain days of monsoon, Agumbe, because of its locational advantage (Western Ghats), receives more rainfall than the wettest place on earth, because of which it is also termed as "Cherrapunjee of South India". It's hilly terrain and constant rainfall has led to the formation of numerous channels that crisscross the forest over rocks, soil, or roots.

These channels come alive during the monsoon and some dry up a few hours after the rain stops. This is one such channel that indicates the amount of rain in real-time. One won't see much water here a few hours after the rain stops. Yet one cannot cross it in peak rains. To capture the flow of water here, one has to visit the place during monsoon or during a heavy shower. Yet the toughest part is getting permission to reach this location as it is inside the RainForest Research Station premises and they are pretty strict about who they let in. Once you get permission, be sure to be greeted by hundreds of leeches of all sizes and colors as you move towards the falls. If you are lucky you will get to see a Malabar Pit Viper or Green Vine Snake too. The adventure doesn't end there as the final stretch requires wading through knee-deep water and loose soil, that at times reach above your waist.

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