Agramon, Albacete, Spain by David Frutos Egea

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Picture Story

It was autumn and everything was beautiful, full of ocher, gold and yellow colors. Weeks ago it had rained a lot and the water reached so high where it hadn't come before. I woke up very early to arrive at the location with the hope of finding fog on the site. There was the fog, the light was beautiful, the colors of the fall were at their best, it was not windy, which made some beautiful reflections. That was when I saw that fallen tree. The other trees seem to be dressed in their best clothes to pay tribute to their fallen brother.

This is a photograph that reminds a lot of romantic painting where light is everything. It also has a beautiful motif reminiscent of the pictorial movement of Symbolism. It is an oxymoron, where life and death are together in the same space.

The most difficult thing to get this picture has been that several things had to coincide at once. That there was water, that autumn was at its best and that the fog lasted long enough. It was also desirable that there was no wind for the fog to last longer and for the reflections to be this beautiful.

That morning I was lucky because everything necessary came at once. The photo session lasted a long time and I was able to take many photos in that scene and in other corners of the location. I felt very lucky that morning because Mother Nature had smiled at me.

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