Afton, Minnesota, USA by Laura Schoenbauer

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Picture Story

If you hate snow and cold, you probably wouldn't want live in Minnesota. Typically we have snow on the ground from November through March. In addition, we can get heavy snowstorms in October and April. My favorite times of year for heavy snowfalls are late fall and early spring. During these times of the year, the temperatures tend to be warmer and the snow comes down heavier and sticks to the trees. Snow can turn an ordinary field and trees along the side road into a winter wonderland.

I had driven by the bunch of trees in this photo many times and never thought to take a photo. After this heavy spring snowfall, the photo opportunities were everywhere. It was hard to drive, not only because the roads were a bit slick after the storm, but because the landscape was so beautiful. I couldn't resist stopping many times to take photos.

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