Zoutelande, Netherlands by Teuni Stevense

On a cold morning in April I travel to my birthplace Zoutelande to take pictures on the beach. The village is located on the coast in the south-west of the Netherlands.

As a child I have often stayed there but now I am going to see the beach and the sea with different eyes; by camera. Photographing the beach and the sea with the beautiful pole heads is already a great challenge, but to go one step further I now had the challenge to work with long exposure. There is not that much wind, so the waves gently ripple onto the beach and then retreat to the sea. That was the moment at which I can see the movement of the water with a long shutter speed, how it flows over the sand. I install myself with the camera with a wide-angle lens and filter, on a tripod near the waterline. Just not too far so that the tripod will sink into the wet sand.

Because I have no experience with this, I have to find out how long the shutter must be open to get the desired result. I ended up at 1.3 seconds with an aperture of f / 4.5.

I determine the composition by placing the pole heads on the left in my image and on the right a small sand hill around which the water flows nicely as an interruption in the clean lines of the remaining receding seawater. I am happy with the results and I am curious if I am so satisfied when I see the images on my computer. Satisfied, I walk back from the beach to the boulevard and meet two ladies in swimsuits who are going to take a dive, while I am dressed up quite well. They appear to do that every day throughout the year! Brrrrr....

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