Zagorochoria, Greece by Amos Ravid

Picture Story

Just returned from a wonderful week in mountainous northern Greece. Zagorochoria (Zagori) to be more precise. This is my first time here and certainly not the last. I would highly recommend to anyone who has not been yet, just warn that it is addictive. Now the real work of sorting and editing begins.

It's the other kind of Greece. The views, the climate, the culture, the vegetation, the food, are all different from Mediterranean Greece, that of the islands and beaches. The nature here is wild. The roads are steep and narrow and the endless curves lead to magical tiny villages. Only 3,700 residents live in 46 villages in this area, an average of about 80 residents per village. Plenty of water, streams, waterfalls and the tranquility which is so easy to get used to, and so difficult to wean off. It's a photographer's heaven. And the beer is incredibly cheap too...

This photo of the Viodomatis River was taken near the Kildonia Bridge, one of the dozens ancient 18th and 19th century bridges across Zagoria.

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