Ian Middleton • Working with Available Light

Ian Middleton tells us about the vistas he captured on a recent visit to Slovenia and talks about how to visualise and create the images you want

Sometimes it is good to look the other way. I took this photo on an August morning from Zaosiri Beach on Lošinj Island during a second trip to this location. I had found this fantastic place the year before purely by chance. While the view of these islands had interested me, it was not the image that I’d envisaged at the time.

What had captivated me more was a quaint little boathouse nearby. A further study of its orientation had revealed that at this time of year the sun would rise over some distant mountains. I visualised the scene at sunrise with just the right amount of cloud, the rising sun being pinched between a break in the clouds and the warm light falling on the boathouse facade and slipway. Subsequent morning visits failed to produce the right conditions for the picture. While waiting for the sunrise, I spent my time scouting round experimenting with different views and compositions of these two islands: Veli and Mali Osir.

I returned with my family a year later during the same month and stayed for 10 days. Each morning I got up and went down to the beach well before sunrise; again being presented with the same problem. However, while the year before had been ...

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