Winton Wetlands, Victoria, Australia by Rene Martens

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Picture Story

I do enjoy grabbing a few photos in Winton Wetlands and especially when there are some interesting skies that could (and usually do) add some 'meaning' to the photo. On this occasion, my partner and I, were heading to the local Cafe in the heart of Winton Wetlands and there were some storm clouds around which just looked amazing so we stop by the boat ramp area of the wetlands where there is this tree which I just love as it just has a look that just makes me grab a photo. With this wetlands, you can come any time of the year to see something to grab a quick photo of (as I usually do) but am waiting for some greater rains in the area to fill up the wetlands so I can grab some water views as well. I usually find something to grab a photo of.

Yes, like most locations around the world, I do find that getting reasonable photos means getting there during the golden hours with some wonderful colours as well. There are some areas around that are especially beautiful at different times of the day and when there is some water you can also grab some great reflections both morning and late afternoon.

I do visit Winton Wetlands just about every day (and occasions at night) and love that I can find some interesting landscapes as well as wildlife. I also grab some drone footage and photos when it isn't too windy. Even nightscapes can look quite affective in the wetlands but does suffer a little from some light pollution from the 2 major surrounding towns.

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