Whitmore Falls, Lake City, Colorado, USA by Jennifer Clark

Colorado has such a variety of waterfalls! This one, Whitmore Falls, is located along Engineer Pass / Alpine Loop, which is a 4x4 only road near Lake City, Colorado. Every September, I try to get out and into the mountains in Colorado to photograph the fall colors, especially the aspen.

Last fall, we drove into Gunnison and spent the night at a campground near Blue Mesa Reservoir. We got up early to make the drive into Lake City, had breakfast, and started up the 4x4 road. There’s a quick stop about 10 miles in, called Capitol City Ghost Town.
Galena City was founded in 1877 by George Lee. He changed the name to Capitol City in hopes that it would be the capital of Colorado. At its peak, 400-800 residents lived in the 200 acre town site, but after the cost of silver dropped, folks moved on. The valley has now been taken over by the aspen, willow, and evergreen trees.

When we visited, we happened to be there while local sheep herders were moving their flocks. It made for some adorable photo opportunities; but sheep dogs in the area have been known to bite people, so we made sure to stay in the truck while we took pictures!

Whitmore Falls is the very next stop along the Alpine Loop, clocking in at 11 miles from Lake City. There is a sign if you are headed down the hill toward Lake City, but as I recall, there was no sign headed up the hill! The walk down to the falls from the road is only about .10 mile downhill. The waterfall is called a plunge waterfall, launching 40 feet from the rocky cliffs above.

If you go there in the fall, there are lots of aspen surrounding the area as well. And with our above-average snowfall last year, I’m sure all of our waterfalls are running well this summer!

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