White Pocket, Vermillion Cliffs NM, Arizona, USA by Marion Faria

First of all let me say that White Pocket is a challenge to get to: deep sand, winding back roads through deep sand and a four wheel drive with low air pressure to avoid getting stuck in the desert. I went with an outfitter at the end of May, spending 3 days camping and photographing. The access is from Vermillion Cliffs National Monument in Arizona.

White Pocket is a plateau and not large, so it is possible to walk the whole area. The sandstone is unique with almost a melted quality. I photographed morning, evening and night. I was whipped from the heat; it is important to drink water all the time; nothing worse than leg cramps at night from dehydration! There were more photographers there than I ever expected with only two camping areas, but it was well worth seeing this remarkable place.

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