White Pocket, Utah, USA by Chip Carroon

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Picture Story

White Pocket is a part of Vermillion Cliffs National Monument in southern Utah. Though access to some places in the area is restricted, such as The Wave, access to the White Pocket is not. The restriction that greatly regulates visitation is the access road. The road is not well marked and traverses deep sand for a significant distance. You will need a 4wd vehicle. I would suggest that you use the widest tires available, and take a shovel and wooden boards to assist your exit should you become stuck.

Since I was interested in visiting the area, I watched the weather reports. When I saw a weather front approaching, I rapidly jumped into the truck and started driving. This may sound simple, but I live many hundreds of miles away, yet this is what it takes to get an interesting picture. My idea was to arrive early enough so that I could do a reconnaissance of the area before the low light of evening or morning. Views in the evening were OK, but I waited for morning when there would be more clouds. Sure enough, as I had anticipated, the weather front brought a light dusting of snow during the night. Getting up in the dark, I walked over much of the area to get an idea of the best shots under the circumstances. I thought that it would be best to photograph the scenes before sunrise since the lighting would be very even and not have the huge contrast of the day. During this blue hour, the snow appeared to be the blue color of the early morning sky.

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