Vilsalpsee Lake, Austria by Marcel Holderied

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Picture Story

Tranquillity, that's what i connect with that time of the year when summer and even autumn have gone and winter is just around the corner. During summer and winter times, Vilalpsee is a rather crowded place full of hikers, bikers and cross country skiiers trying to flee reality and cath a breath from their daily routine. But that short time inbetween the seasons, when snow is starting to form a thin crust on the mountains, autumn leaves are still lying around and water starts to freeze is a time of calmness and peacefulness. That's when this place is worth a visit to experience crystal clear water, maybe even the clearest you have ever seen, and the mighty Allgäu Alps guarding this marvellousl piece of land. Perfect to refuel your batteries and get lost in the moment while capturing it with your camera.

When this picture was taken, there wasn't a single person around. Even if I wouln'd have gotten that shot, it would still have been worth the drive watching the sky start to glowand seeing those reflections in the water, covered by a very thin layer fog dancing over it.

I set up my tripod and camera, put a nd1000 on and just had to wait for the light to happen in a freezing -9 degrees celcius. I had a relatively clear picture in mind what i wanted to do with this scene and pretty much nailed it. I knew the light would be great when i packed the gear at home. It was clear blue with some wisps of clouds hanging around the mountains tops when i left. Arriving at location, the clouds were all gone. I had wished for a few very high altitude clouds to form in the evening, lightened by the sun from underneath but it didn't happen. But that was actually a good thing because all the moisture in the air made it glow in all tones of yellow and red. So all in all I'm very happy with what i got.

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