Tuscany, Italy by Janice Payne

My picture was taken close to the popular location of Le Belvedere, in the Val 'Orcia area of Tuscany. Going in the middle of October I was told that there was a good chance of early morning mist in the area, we were so fortunate that the morning that we chose to go to this location provided perfect conditions for me.

My aim was for some high key, minimalistic landscape shots showing a slightly different view of this well known location, of course I took the better known scenes as well. But this exceeded what I had hoped for with the the mist in the valley and the rising sun just catching the tops of the hills, highlighting the two little trees, so typical of Tuscany.

We had arrived well before sunrise, it was quite magical to watch the colours of the landscape change from shades of blue and white, through to these pastel bluey-greens before eventually giving way to the warm pinks, purples and gold of the sunrise.
This shot was taken on my Sony DSLR A700 at 180mm with a 70-300mm lens at f11, ISO 200.

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