Tuscany, Italy by Guido Tramontano Guerritore

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Picture Story

The almost lunar landscape of the tuscan badlands, known as Crete Senesi, is of unmatched beauty. A pure joy to the eyes and a dream place for every landscape photographer. I Had been chasing after good light and a cloudy sky for an entire week with no luck in this precise spot. I kept returning to this place day after day but the weather was just too fine without a single cloud in the sky, which is not the ideal condition for landscape photography most times. After several attempts I finally found exactly what I was waiting for, the perfect sunset light and just a few clouds, perfect for a long exposure. The lone cypress in the middle of the cultivated field emphasizes the clouds movement, and reminds of a sentinel standing guard.

During spring and summer the landscape turns into a shimmering green and yellow all around, and often the land is dotted with red poppies that stand out creating amazing contrast. This certainly makes the landscape perfect for sunrise and sunset photos, but my favorite season to shoot landscapes in Tuscany is autumn, when the greens are mostly gone, making way for more delicate pastel shades ranging from bronze to golden. The precise viewpoint where this picture has been taken is easy to access, and is probably the only one you can get to shoot the lonely tree, and is actually on the main road. Only downside is there are no parking lots nearby, but only a very small open space which is often full, so you have to get there well in advance.

The cypress is quite far away so I used a tele lens and a 1.4 teleconverter to get a 280mm focal length for this shot. A very sturdy tripod is necessary to support the weight of the gear during a long exposure, and last but not least, to avoid unpleasant surprises you must hope the wind is not too strong.

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