Tree of Life, Balikesir, Turkey by Hakan Yurtcan

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On my Vacation, I decided to spend some time with my family in Balikesir, Turkey. They were in that city for the summer season and I have never been there before. But I was so happy to be there because it is a very beautiful city with very good opportunities for photo shots. Aegean Sea with wonderful sun sets , mountains with waterfalls and endless forests... everything you need for taking a good landscape photo was there. I was surprised to learn the reason of my dizziness was the high level oxygen concentration in the air (one of the highest in the world). Due to it, I’ve experienced a headache for three days in a row. Of course for an engineer like me who has worked a lot in the deserts (Libya, Saudi Arabia, Turkmenistan etc.), it was hard to get used to it. It was Autumn and the sky was cloudy. I decided to take photos of the waterfalls in Kaz Dagları (Goose Mountains). They were close to the place I was staying (15 minutes by car). In a sunny day usually there are so many tourist all around but because of the clouds that day, only a few people were there and I knew that I would never find this opportunity again. I saw this composition of a lonely old tree near the water, and I decided to take its photo. I placed my tripod in water and I used ND and CPL filters. I was so lucky that there was no wind so the leaves were not moving.

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