Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile by Janis Borgueta

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Patagonia and the Torres del Paine in Chile is well known for its iconic soaring mountains and horn shaped, granite peaks that kiss the sky. I found it to be one of the most breathtakingly beautiful locations I've been able to travel and photograph. Located at the most southern part of South American it does take a bit of travel to get there, but worth the time and effort as the views are amazing. While hiking and camping are the route many visitors go for, I was able to accomplish a bit less ambitious outdoor experience and still experience the beauty of the region and capture photos I never imagined to call my own.
Many photographers are well acquainted with the region as it is hard not to share these gems with others.

This staircase to heaven was not the path to the top of the mountains, but to a plateau. A short climb up the stairs to view the mountains and lake near my hotel in the park. A few guanaco call this home as well as an occasional elusive puma can be found lingering in the area. My visit was in the spring time and the weather was rather delightful, but never hot. The grassy fields were dotted with flowers and the flora was taking beginning to change and take on a bit of green color, with bursts of yellow, purple and pink wildflowers. It can get quite windy and cold there so noting the best time to go important to your tolerance for wind while hiking on the side of a mountain.

Torres del Paine is a photographers dream with so many different angles and the lighting changes about every 15 minutes, or less. Popular times are early morning and sunset, but once I arrived I noted, it was impossible not to photograph all day long. There is no time for sleep as after the sunsets, and if you are lucky and the skies stay clear there is always the Milky Way and little or no light pollution.

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