Torres del Paine NP, Chile by Barbara Seiberl-Stark

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Picture Story

It was a rainy morning in the NP Torres del Paine and the cold and windy weather has made me already a bit of "hopeless". The rain has been holding on for days, everything on and with me was wet, even my tent was not comfortable any more. Anyway I decided to give the day another try and packed my things early to continue the way. After an about an hour I noticed, that the rain became softer and there seemed to be a small gap between the clouds to appear.

I looked around for a nice composition to be "prepared", if he light comes though and BÄM...suddenly it happed. The "dead" tree was perfectly enlightened by the low sun and the dark clouds made the right "drama" for the shot. And: although the sun was gone within minutes and the rest of the day was as the days before, I was happy to have witnessed this moment. This is also, what I learned through the years: there is no really bad weather and it even if it starts bad, there is a chance , that it turns out fine. You can not geht moody pictures from clear, blue skies, do you? To capture extraordinary moments, you have to leave your comfort zone. Maybe you fail often, but the times you get rewarded compensate that for sure.

Nevertheless I was happy that the rest of my journey was not soooo wet.

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