Three Trees, Yellowstone, Wyoming, USA by June Jarkey

This photo was taken in Yellowstone National Park during a winter trip. My husband and I visited the park for twelve days and spent time exploring Lamar Valley in the north section of the park before taking a snow coach to the Old Faithful area. Winter in Yellowstone is magical and ideal for snow photography. The winter temperatures can be extreme but fortunately, the coldest temperature we experienced was -7° F (-22° C). It snowed most of the time while we were there except for one or two days.

This photo was taken during a snow storm in the Old Faithful area of the park. We were bundled up in boots and winter clothing and were hiking around the geothermal features. Due to the weather conditions, we pretty much had the trails to ourselves. I was stopping to take a lot of photos of trees, streams, bison, and geysers with steam. Due to the wet, snowy conditions, my camera and lens were protected by a clear, plastic rain cover which is always cumbersome to use but necessary due to the weather conditions. For this photo, I liked the simple lines and how the three dead lodgepole pine trees are aligned. I was hand-holding the camera so I increased the ISO to get a faster shutter speed and to try and freeze the snowflakes. I liked the vertical composition because I felt it emphasized the three trees.

Scenery like this made the logistics of planning the trip worthwhile and I definitely hope to return one day.

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