Thierrens, Switzerland by Alexander Gellner

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Picture Story

It was one of these days with pouring rain and thunderstorms all day long. All the more frustrating as I had planned to spend the whole day out photographing, which unfortunately happens far less often than I would love to. As sunset came closer I had already given up, having spent too much time looking out of the window for signs of improvement. Then, literally within minutes, the rain stopped and the thick cloud cover opened up. I rushed out, got into my car and raced up a hill about 5 minutes from my house. As I didn’t have much time before the light would disappear I had to play it safe and chose a composition that I knew would work.

I had walked passed that tree a hundred times, but for some reason never photographed it before. But I knew it would lend itself well to a shot against a dramatic sky. So here I was, running from where I parked my car to the chosen spot, hastily setting up my tripod and my camera, hoping that the sun would not set before I got the shot, and that the rain would not start again. The next thunderstorm was already rolling in. The wind was blowing hard, which explains my relatively high ISO value of 800, as I had to keep my shutter speed low enough to avoid the tree from being blurred and my camera to shake.

All in all, it took me about 15 minutes to take this picture, from leaving my house to pressing the button. It goes to show the value of scouting locations, as I would not have been able to find a good composition in the little amount of time I had that day.

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